LEGO Island 2 The Brickster's Revenge was a LEGO based video game that was released in 2001. It was an action adventure game, sequel to LEGO Island, and was followed by Island Xtreme Stunts. The main character of the game was a young Pizza delivery boy named Pepper Roni. This is the second game in the LEGO Island Trilogy.



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Gameplay [1]EditEdit

PC and PlayStation [2]EditEdit

Similar to the first game in the LEGO Island Series, LEGO Island, the gameplay in the PC and PlayStation versions of the game are directed by missions and sub-games. Unlike the previous game, the objectives must now be completed in a linear fashion. One difference from the previous game is that the player can now only play as the main character, Pepper Roni, unlike the previous game where multiple characters were available. Other notable changes include the switch to a third person camera and the addition of the ability to jump. Pepper can still use any vehicle he sees, and the Toy feature from the first game is also present, allowing Pepper to change the colors of vehicles, change plants and some landscape elements, and alter the hair/headgear of other characters.

Game Boy Color [3]EditEdit

The Game Boy Color version of LEGO Island 2 has many differences from the other three versions, most likely due to the fact that it was developed by Crawfish Interactive instead of Silicon Dreams. There are no clearly defined sub-games as the player controls Pepper in the same fashion at all times, though there are segments that change up the gameplay, such as boss battles, sneaking past guards to escape an area, or mazes. The Toy feature has been removed, and there are no vehicles to control. There are also some enemies, such as Brickster-Bots, Pirate Skeletons, and Mummies, that will actively chase Pepper, though they do nothing besides knocking him away and off his skateboard on contact. Pepper can pick up Trading Cards, which are then added to his card inventory. Each card contains a picture of a character in the game, and cards can be traded between players with a link cable between Game Boys. While the game is still quite linear, there are sometimes optional side quests that give Trading Cards when completed. Pepper can also pick up and receive other items from characters, which can be used later on in the game or in side quests.

Game Boy Advance [4]EditEdit

The Game Boy Advance version is a slight mix of the PC/PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions of the game. Like the PC and PlayStation versions, there are many sub-games to play and vehicles to ride. However, the Toy feature is limited to plants only. There are also many elements from the Game Boy Color version, such as Trading Cards to find, side quests, and a heavy emphasis on items, which Pepper stores in his backpack. The game is much more open and less linear, usually giving the player more then one goal at a time.

Story [5]EditEdit

PC and PlayStation [6]EditEdit

[7]Part 1[8]Part 2[9]Part 3[10]Part 4[11]Part 5[12]Part 6[13]Part 7[14]Part 8[15]Part 9[16]Part 10After the events of the previous game and the Brickster's recapture, Pepper Roni is promised a new house, on condition that he delivers pizzas around the island. Having delivered enough pizzas to earn his new house, Pepper is told to deliver one last pizza to the jail in which the Brickster lurks. The Brickster uses his “hot spizzy pizza breath” saved from previous pizza chillies from previously delivered pizzas to melt the jail’s iron doors to escape. His escape is constructed of him stealing a police helicopter and flying to the Information Center. He then steals the Constructopedia, the book containing the blueprints for all buildings on the island, from the Infocenter and scatters its pages, causing all of the buildings on LEGO Island to deconstruct. Having summoned the Brickster-Bots, the Brickster departs for his asteroid rock island, OGEL Island.

The creator of LEGO Island, the Infomaniac, informs Pepper that he must destroy the Brickster-Bots and track down the missing pages of the Constructopedia. He soon begins to locate a few of the pages. With each page returned, a building is re-constructed.

Pepper then ventures to Castle Island, where the Brickster has deconstructed the bridge; while diving to connect its two halves, he finds the bricks and a page. He then finds that another page is up the Bull's castle flag hoist. The Bulls promise to give Pepper the flag, as long as he got the Bull's actual flag back from the Lions. The Lions agreed to give Pepper the flag, as long as he defeated the Bull's Dark Knight in a joust. After engaging the Dark Knight in a joust, Pepper receives the Bull's flag from the Lions, to give it to the Bulls. However, before the Bulls give the flag to Pepper, he has to engage in a cannon battle with Cedric the Bull, an ally of the Brickster, as he steals the page, just as the other Bulls are about to give the page to Pepper. After defeating Cedric the Bull, Pepper acquires the page, signalling his time to leave Castle Island.

Pepper then returns home, collects more pages, then flies through a portal to Adventure Island with a helicopter, where he defends gems from snakes, takes a page from the Mummies' tomb before being chased by a boulder, races to the oasis where he catches a giant fish (who swallowed a page), flies in a bi-plane to the Jungle area and rescues some dinosaurs, getting another page in the process. He then ventures home on a Pterasaur.

Pepper again returns home, but once landing on the ground, Papa and Mama Brickolini are kidnapped by the Brickster and a group of his Brickster-Bots, they were kidnapped so that the Brickster could have them make him pizza whenever he wished on Ogel Island. Pepper then collects the final pages of the Constructopedia on LEGO Island and earns a special radio from the Radio Station, which now is the only way to destroy the Brickster-Bots, as they became immune to Pizza. The radio destroys the Brickster-Bots by making them dance until they get dizzy.

Pepper walks to the space port, and, after centrifuge powering and parachute training, takes a rocket to Ogel Island. Pepper's initial obstacle is an asteroid belt leading to Ogel Island, however he manages to navigate it without much hassle. Since the Brickster stole the landing gear and deconstructs the landing platform on the Ogel asteroid, Pepper has to parachute down. On the asteroid, he makes pizzas to send the citizens to sleep, while getting Mama and Papa out of their situation. He then confronts the Brickster in his LEGO palace. Pepper has to run up a long staircase filled with obstacles, then confront brickster on the roof, throwing pizzas at him while dodging Brickster's attacks.

The player wins the game when the Brickster is left trapped in the prison cell on top of the palace, and LEGO Island is safe again.

Pepper, Mamma and Papa fly home in a Fish Ship, and land on LEGO Island, where the Infomaniac greets them. Pepper's girlfriend tackles him and kisses him, and the scene then fades to a dance party at the Pizzaria. Suddenly, five Brickster-Bots burst out of nearby crates. The music stops, however, the Brickster-Bots start to dance, and the party resumes. The camera then slowly fades and moves away from the party, concluding the game.

Game Boy Color [17]EditEdit

The game opens with the Infomaniac giving Pepper his skateboard, and leading him to the Pizzaria. Papa Brickolini gives Pepper a pizza, and tells him to bring it to the Brickster at the jail. Pepper delivers the pizza, howeverm The Brickster darts out of his cell when Pepper opens it. After a short skateboard chase through the park, Nick Brick gives Pepper a Pizza Chukka, which can fire pizzas. Pepper is told to go to the Information Center to talk to the Infomaniac, but can't, as Bill Ding can't finish the road without a pick axe and the gates to the only other way to the Information Center, the park roads, are locked. Pepper gets a pick axe from Nubby Stevens at the gas station and gives it to Bill Ding, and is granted access to the road. The Infomaniac explains that the Brickster has stolen the Constructopedia, and that they must recover it before any pages are torn. The Police tell Pepper that the Brickster went to Adventurers Island, and that he can get a boat at the Res-Q Center. On his way to the Res-Q Center, Pepper sees a Brickster-Bot, and then falls down a hole in the ground, a trap the Brickster-Bot had made.

Pepper finds himself inside a cave filled with Pirate Skeletons. After using his Pizza Chukka to defend himself and solving series of puzzles involving switches to open doors, he makes his way to a room where he fights the first boss of the game, a Rock Monster. Pepper defeats it, and escapes the cave as it collapses.

Pepper then goes back to the Res-Q Center and gets in a raft. He then enters the Phanta Sea, and finds a swimming minifigure being chased by a shark and pirate captain on his ship. The player can simply pass them by and continue to Adventurers Island, or talk with them and start a side quest. In the side quest, the pirate captain gives Pepper shark food, and Pepper uses it to distract the shark and let the swimming minifigure escape. A minifigure on a small island then comes closer to the shore, allowing Pepper to talk with him. He explains that he needs a shovel to dig up the treasure on the island, however, nothing more can be done at this point. Pepper then precedes to dock his boat at Adventurers Island. Nearly everybody on the island tells Pepper to talk to Señor Palomar, though Pepper can also explore, finding some areas which have hidden Trading Cards, but also spawn Mummies, which Pepper can defeat with the Pizza Chukka. Upon finding the tavern and telling Señor Palomar of the Brickster's escape, Palomar runs to the local prison, which is guarded by Imperial Soldiers and Imperial Guards. Pepper follows him, and is arrested. Pepper escapes from his cell after Pippin Reed sneaks in and unlocks it. Pepper finds Pippin's diary on a table, which mentions an expedition in which an ancient stone building and crashed helicopter were found in the jungle. Also in the corner of the jail is a shovel. After sneaking past the guards, Pepper escapes the prison, where Pippin gives him the key to the jungle gate. Here, Pepper can either go directly to the jungle through the gate, or backtrack to give the shovel to the man on the island in the Phanta Sea. If Pepper gives the shovel to man, the man will dig up the treasure and give it to Pepper; a Trading Card. However, upon returning to Adventurers Island, Pepper will be re-captured and will have to escape the prison a second time before going through the jungle gates.

Pepper enters the jungle, and is immediately attacked by insects and darts from dart guns. Pepper sees the Brickster run into the jungle ruins, and goes after him. He comes out the other side of the ruins, and notices the crashed helicopter to the side of the path. Achu then walks up to Pepper, who sends him to Castle Island.

Pepper finds himself in front of King Leo's Castle. A knight tells him that the Brickster's cohort, Cedric The Bull, has escaped. Pepper sneaks past the castle guards and makes it to the throne room. King Leo sends Pepper to find his daughter Princess Storm, who became lost in the maze, while he secured the castle. After bring Storm to the courtyard, Pepper finds out that Cedric's army has surrounded the castle, but Weezil has been captured. King Leo sends Pepper into the dungeon to Weezil's cell. Weezil thinks Cedric sent Pepper, and tells him Cedric plans to attack that very night. King Leo rewards Pepper for getting this information by granting him access to the treasure room, which contains a large amount of treasure chests holding Trading Cards. King Leo releases Weezil, to lead Pepper to the forest where Cedric is camped. After getting past the guards with the help of Majisto and receiving a Super Pizza Chukka from Rob N Hood, Pepper reaches Cedric's hideout and battles with him. Cedric is defeated, but the Brickster, who had also been at the hideout, escapes in a space ship. However, a piece falls off of the Brickster's ship, the "Smart Brick". Majisto then teleports Pepper and the brick to the LEGO Island Space Port. After destroying Brickster-Bots with the new Pizza Chukka, Technician Bob adds the Smart Brick to the Space Shuttle, and Pepper blasts off for Ogel Island in pursuit of the Brickster. After solving a maze and defeating more Brickster-Bots, Pepper reaches the Brickster. A two-part battle follows, which ends with the Brickster being caught in a jail cell. Pepper flies the shuttle back to LEGO Island, the Brickster is locked back up.

Game Boy Advance [18]EditEdit

The game opens with the Infomaniac and Nick Brick on the TV news station, talking about the Brickster's recent escape and the theft and destruction of the Constructopedia. Later, the Infomaniac meets Pepper outside the location of his former house. The Infomaniac gives Pepper the Construcopedia page for his house, which Bill Ding uses to re-build it. From there, the player is free to explore the island, complete minigames, and find items for people. Eventually the player is able to take a ferry to Castle Island after getting a ticket from another character, and go to Adventurer's Island by talking to Johnny Thunder at the Res-Q Center. Once all the Constructopedia pages have been found and the island rebuilt, Pepper can go to Ogel Island and battle the Brickster. After the Brickster has been defeated, the game ends with the Infomaniac giving a news report on the Brickster's capture.

Characters [19]EditEdit

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Besides the LEGO Island themed characters, LEGO Island 2 contained a large amount of characters from other LEGO themes, examples including: Desription [20]EditEdit

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Help Pepper save LEGO Island!

The Brickster has escaped from jail and has stolen the Constructopedia! Now he has the power to take LEGO Island apart brick by brick, and only Pepper can stop him-but he needs your help! Explore the Mummy's Tomb and escape the gem-stealing serpents on Adventurers' Island. Pilot a space shuttle and ride a pterodactyl! Rescue trapped dinosaurs and joust with a powerful knight! It's Pepper's most exciting adventure ever- will he stop the Brickster, or will LEGO Island be destroyed? You decide!

Notes [22]EditEdit

  • The PC version of the game has been criticized for extremely long loading times.
  • Lord Sinister is known by the name Mr Hates in the game.
  • There are many film and pop culture references in the game, such as references to Indiana Jones, the Wizard of Oz, and 2001: A Space Odyssey in the PC/PlayStation versions. At one point in the Game Boy Advance version, the Brickster says "All your bricks belong to us".
  • Like most Sonic games, the PC and PS1 releases of the game had many locations and sub-games removed before release due to time constraints. However, much of the content cut from the PC and PS1 releases did make it into the GBA and GBC (but still very rubbish looking) releases. Among the things removed from the PC and PS1 releases were a drum playing sub-game at Achu's camp (called Chief Legog in the unused script), and second fights against Cedric The Bull and Mr Hates on Ogel Island and better dialogue, no loading times, and good replay value.
  • 2 unreleased ports of the game were for the N64 and Sega Dreamcast. Both of which are very remiscent of the PC version (except no loading times). They were developed in 1999. By 2001, both were cancelled due to said reason above.

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